HeavyEngineer: Simulate circular drivings

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  • DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH
  • Goldhofer AG
  • meusburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH
  • Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH
  • Tadano Europe

Simulation of circular driving

  • Simulation of circular driving maneuvers including examination of ring area width and off-tracking dimension
  • Driving maneuvers according to German § 70 StVZO (integrated limits) and free driving maneuvers e.g. according to § 32d StVZO and VO(EU) No. 1230/2012
  • Circular driving simulations with 90°, 120°, 180° and 360°
  • Support for extra large vehicles: customizable outer radius from 10 up to 60 meters
  • Free tuning of off-tracking dimension and orbit width
  • Offset truck inwards (approvals for Sweden)
  • Support for telescope capable vehicles (width and length) with automatic batch telescoping

Engineering: Steering system design

  • Chamfered trailer edges for optimizing the off-tracking dimension
  • Visualization of steering rays
  • Instant-view of bending and steering angles
  • Steering angle logs for every wheel
  • Interactive performance curves for tuning the forced steering of semitrailers
  • Analysis of steering angles for friction-steered vehicles
  • CSV export of calculation results, e. g. for Microsoft Excel
  • Steering function designer

    Easily design steering functions for forced steered semi-trailers

  • Steering behavior analysis

    Analyze steering behavior of friction-steered vehicles with Ackermann steering angle logs for every wheel

  • Circular driving simulation

    Simulated circular driving test for the §70 report – Automatic calculations for all telescope steps

  • More efficient vehicle design

    Automatic calculation of ring area width, off-tracking dimension as well as maximum steering and bending angles

  • Market visibility

    Integrate your vehicles into HeavyGoods.net and allow transport companies to plan and simulate their transports with your vehicles

  • Secure data

    Every vehicle manufacturer gets a separate vehicle catalog! Of course, all sensitive information will be protected at all times.

Create vehicles

Easy construction of vehicles

  • Comfortable vehicle templates: Add vehicles to the fleet in just a few clicks
  • Live visualization of vehicles - both top and side views
  • Easy input of axle configurations and steering functions
  • Supports telescope capable vehicles (width and length telescoping)
  • Trucks with up to 6 axles with flexible axle configuration
  • Semi trailers with up to 40 axles
  • Configure various trailer designs such as platform, low profile or drop deck trailers

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