HeavySim: Calculate swept paths

On Google Maps and CAD plans

  • Static swept paths and dynamic driving maneuver videos
  • Plan transports on Google Maps aerials or CAD drawings
  • Check swept paths on the tablet - directly at the transport route
  • Supported by big vehicle manufacturers
  • Video: Quick overview of HeavySim

CAD Import

Import your CAD plans directly to HeavyGoods. Display the associated Google Maps aerial image in the background if required.

Cargo Catalog

Whether bulldozer, crawler excavator, wheel loader, windmill blade or transformer - with the HeavyGoods cargo catalog, transports can be planned quickly and easily.

Dimension lines and labels

Add colored dimension lines, labels and arrows. For example, you can measure drive-through widths or mark parking prohibitions and necessary expansion measures for the route survey.

Automatic swept paths

HeavyGoods finds a way through the bottleneck - if necessary with maneuvering and turning maneuvers. Automatically - thanks to intelligent Fraunhofer technology!
Tip: If desired, you can also specify a guideline yourself!

Guideline simulation

With the guideline function, you specify the route of the tractor precisely and immediately see the finished towing curve.
Tip: If desired, you can also use the intelligent automation, which allows the vehicle to find the destination itself - even without a guideline.

Print reports

HeavyGoods automatically generates print reports with swept path images and measurements of the vehicles, including wheelbases, overhangs, coupling dimensions and overall length. This simplifies transport approvals and can help as proof of transport planning to clients.

HeavyGoods provides security and saves time when planning transports. It is one of my essential tools when it comes to heavy haulage transports.

Sylvio Fleischer (KVS Michael Mross e.K., Germany)

I've never seen such a powerful transport simulation software. HeavyGoods works like a miracle.

Hardik Gahlot (ReshamSingh & Co. Pvt Ltd, India)

CAD Export

Our automatic test reports and dynamic swept path videos are not enough for you?
Export the swept paths to your CAD planning software and use them in your own CAD layouts.

Step 1: Define start and target position
Step 2: Automatically found turning maneuver
Step 3: Export swept path to CAD - or share as interactive video

Your own digital vehicle fleet

Catalog with standard vehicles

  • Extensive vehicle catalog with tractors, semitrailers, trailers, turntable trailers, lowbed trailers, self-propelled trailers / SPMT, jeep dollies, followers, platform trailers...
  • Standard vehicle catalog with design vehicles according to German FGSV as well as guideline RBSV 2020

Add vehicles yourself

  • Free input of own vehicles - tractor, trailer, semi-trailer (flatbed, lowbed), self-propelled vehicle...
  • Live visualization of the new vehicle - in side view and top view
  • Supports vehicles with width and length telescoping, multiple bogies, bridges and up to 40 axles

Manufacturer service

  • Manufacturers of large and heavy transport vehicles (e.g. Doll, Goldhofer, Meusburger) offer HeavyGoods vehicle data sets as a digital service to their customers.
  • Request your vehicle directly from HeavyGoods. The manufacturer transfers the digital vehicle record tailored to your requirements directly into your HeavyGoods fleet.

For large and small transports

Numerous combinations

  • Swept paths for single vehicles (trucks, self-propelled vehicles)
  • Swept paths for simple combinations (semitrailers, trailers)
  • Swept paths for complex long combinations (self-propelled, dolly and trailing combinations, if required with turntables, telescoping and manual steering system)

Example: Transport bulldozer

  • Figure: Short combination with tractor and semitrailer
  • Cargo: Bulldozer from HeavyGoods catalog of construction equipment
  • The combination is automatically dimensioned by HeavyGoods and displayed in side view and top view

Example: Transport wind turbine

  • Figure: Vehicle combination of tractor unit, semitrailer dolly and follower with turntable
  • Cargo: Rotor blade (Siemens Gamesa) with tower adapter and blade mount
  • Swept path: A cornering maneuver with this follower combination is shown. The simulation can also be played as a video in HeavyGoods.

Real-life examples from customers

HeavyGoods' swept path simulations have been field-proven for years. Below are some examples from our customers.

Switzerland: Quickly and cost-effective

For this job, our customer Toggenburger used the HeavySim software to simulate the transport of a 35-meter steel bridge across Switzerland.Simulation and practice showed consistently: The costly and time-consuming removal of traffic signs and traffic lights could be avoided.

Company Toggenburger: Transport of 35 meter long steel bridge (Top: Preliminary swept path simulation with HeavySim; Bottom: Aerial view and photo of real transport)

Argentina: 15,000 kilometers saved

Our customer "Transportes Crexell SA" from Argentina had an order to transport an overseas shipment of 51 rotor blades. Route planning with HeavySim showed that the shipment could be dispatched from a more conveniently located port. This saved 15,000 heavy transport kilometers.

Company Crexxell: Transport of 51 rotor blades (Top: Preliminary swept path simulation with HeavySim; Bottom: Aerial photos of real transport)

Germany: Safely to the Christmas market

Our customer KVS from Germany had the order to transport a 22 meter high Christmas tree to the famous Striezelmarkt Dresden. The transport to the historic center of Dresden - under the eyes of many spectators - was accompanied by the HeavyGoods team and went smoothly.

Company KVS: Transport Christmas tree (Top: Preliminary swept path simulation with HeavySim - also on tablet; Bottom: Photo of the transport on the highway)

Austria: By ship, crane and road

To double its production, an internationally active starch producer commissioned our customer Felbermayr: The task was to transport two 136-ton, 30-meter-long containers that landed in Austria from Bulgaria by ship via the Danube. Two truck-mounted cranes lifted the load onto a 17-axle vehicle combination. From there it went through a narrow industrial area. Thanks to advance planning with HeavySim only minimal clearing of obstacles was required.

Felbermayr company: transporting two 30-meter-long containers through an industrial site

Switzerland: Through the ancient Aare Gorge

The Aare Gorge was formed over thousands of years by the Aare Glacier. Today it is crossed by a road, whose narrow bends are challenging for large-volume transports. "Hämmerle Spezialtransporte GmbH" simulated with HeavySim in advance how their transport can pass the hairpin curves.

Company Hämmerle Spezialtransporte: transport through the Swiss Aare Gorge

Ready for YOUR heavy challenge

Do you run or plan large and heavy transports? Do you want to quickly simulate driving maneuvers, win transport orders and convince authorities? Or do you simply want to speed up your planning process and gain confidence for your next transport project?

Then click on the button below and convince yourself of HeavyGoods.net!

HeavyGoods.net is the online app for your heavy challenges.

HeavySim Features at a glance

  • On Google Maps

    Simulate your transports directly on the Google aerial image. Including road maps, quick Google location search and convenient measurement tools.

  • CAD Support

    Create tractrix simulations on your high-precision CAD plans. Convenient: You can use HeavySim without any CAD knowledge. It's really easy to use.

  • Automatic driving maneuvers

    The innovative Fraunhofer technology automatically finds a driving maneuver. A simulation video then shows how your transport can pass the narrow route section - including tire tracks and covered areas.

  • Manufacturers on board

    Big vehicle manufacturers provide their vehicle data for HeavyGoods. Transport companies can also enter vehicles themselves.

  • Runs in the browser

    Start immediately. No setup.
    Always the most recent version.
    Collaborate with colleagues when planning transports - even across locations.

  • Convinces Big Players

    Well-known transport companies such as Felbermayr, Universal and Kahl use HeavySim in their daily business - as well as a growing number of architects and road designers worldwide

  • Fit for the road

    Simulate transports wherever you need it: At the transport route on your tablet or at your PC in the office.

  • Transport planning

    In addition to the swept path software, HeavyGoods provides tools for professional load securing and for calculating axle loads and pressures. Everything united in one easy-to-use interface.

  • We support you.

    We keep HeavyGoods.net up to date for you - fully automatically. And if you have any questions, our experienced team will help you with online trainings and qualified support.

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The results of a carried out HeavyGoods simulation are really impressive in terms of accuracy.

Daniel Scheffer (C.F.Protec Schwertransportsicherung GmbH, Germany)

HeavyGoods is an excellent support for documenting route inspections.

Rupert Wimmer (R. Wimmer Transportservice, Austria)