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April 2024

Welcome, Broshuis!

We are delighted that Broshuis is now part of the HeavyGoods family.

Broshuis is a leading, innovative manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for heavy goods transportation. With the new partnership, Broshuis is also using the opportunity to provide its customers with digital vehicles directly in HeavyGoods.

Welcome, Broshuis!

Broshuis ist now part of

March 2023

Greatly extended: Calculation of axle loads

This free update for HeavyGoods customers stands out. Not only have we redesigned the look and feel of HeavyGoods. Our development department has also implemented a lot of functional customer requests.

  • Calculate turntable loads for tractors, dollies and trailers
  • Determine axle loads for trailers, dolly combinations and self-propelled vehicles - in addition to semi-trailers and trailers
  • Add extra weights (any number) also for semi-trailer dollies and trailer dollies
  • PDF report with additional information, incl. centre of gravity, separate dimension line for load and overview of all weights and overall dimensions.
  • Extended dimension lines: Lateral cargo overhangs (also for cargos with off-centre CG), Current telescoping (for extendable vehicles), Fifth wheel load/axle load ratio (for hydraulic goosenecks)
  • Axle load information directly integrated into the swept path tool

Screenshot HeavyGoods: Axle loads for an articulated truck with wheel loader

March 2023

New construction kit for modular vehicles

The HeavyGoods platform offers a modular system, with which you can interactively assemble vehicles from modules (e.g. goosenecks, drawbars, chassis, bridges, turntables and powerpacks). You can then immediately use the modular vehicles you have assembled to calculate axle loads and simulate swept paths.

The new HeavyGoods version comes with a thoroughly revised modular system:

  • Vehicle construction kit interface simplified and updated
  • Support for single telescopic bridge modules and chassis modules from vehicle manufacturer Goldhofer, incl. visualisation of the tube
  • Possibility to install a module several times in one vehicle
  • Print reports show the identification numbers (VINs) of all modules installed in a modular vehicle.

The HeavyGoods construction kit turns modules into a digital vehicle in seconds

January 2023

HeavyGoods drone for high precision driving simulations

Our new HeavyGoods drone provides highly accurate images of your route section. Thanks to the controller we provide with a high-resolution touch display, you can take ortho photos in no time at all:

  1. You select the desired map section on the touch display - simply via Google Aerial Photo.
  2. At the touch of a button, the HeavyGoods drone automatically flies over your desired map area. And creates high-resolution ortho photos with a measurement accuracy of 2 - 5 cm!
  3. Once the drone has done its job, it lands again independently next to you.
  4. Based on the drone photos, the online software HeavyGoods calculates your driving manoeuvres. You receive professional simulation videos with underlying swept paths.

With the HeavyGoods drone, a bottleneck survey often takes only 10 minutes - instead of hours of manual surveys with a folding rule or laser. manual, error-prone measurements with folding rule or measuring laser. You get professional results and save time and money at the same time.

The touch controller is included with your HeavyGoods drone. As well as an enterprise service package. For a non-binding offer, please contact us at

The HeavyGoods drone provides highly accurate images of the driving route.

October 2022

Visit HeavyGoods at the bauma in Munich!

The bauma 2022 in Munich is coming up. We will give personal live demonstrations of the HeavyGoods software at our booths at DOLL Fahrzeugbau (FN.830/1) and Goldhofer Transport (FN.823). At Tadano Europe (FS 1205) we will show a HeavyGoods video.

This year's highlights at HeavyGoods are a digital construction kit for modular vehicles, a greatly expanded axle load calculation, driving maneuvers for mobile cranes, and a showcase for swept paths with giant boiler bridges. And as a bonus, there's a preview of our latest research project.

We are looking forward to your visit!

The HeavyGoods team presents the most important HeavyGoods innovations this year at Doll, Goldhofer and Tadano.

August 2022

New cooperation with Tadano: Swept paths for all-terrain cranes

Major international crane manufacturer Tadano has entered into a partnership with HeavyGoods: This makes Tadano Europe the first crane manufacturer to have its entire range of all-terrain cranes pre-installed in the HeavyGoods crane catalog.

Martin Lottes, Teamleader Concept Design at Tadano:

"Our customers are often faced with the challenge of how best to navigate tight spaces to get their cranes onto the construction site. In these cases, HeavyGoods is a huge help when it comes to selecting the best route."

Tadano's all-terrain cranes are now available free of charge to all HeavyGoods Business customers in the vehicle catalog.

Driving maneuver simulated in HeavyGoods: 7-axle Tadano all-terrain crane passes bottleneck

June 2022

Berlin Municipal Cleaning uses HeavyGoods

The Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) is Germany's largest municipal waste management company. Since 2021, they have been using HeavyGoods to simulate driving maneuvers and swept paths for Berlin's waste collection vehicles.

BSR technical officer M. A. Özcan:

"HeavyGoods is a very practical and user-friendly tool for users without any engineering qualifications for testing the trafficability and turning maneuvers of roads by waste collection vehicles. This gives us a lot of safety in the context of our testing tasks."

We would like to thank Berliner Stadtreinigung for relying on HeavyGoods online software in their day-to-day operations.

Waste collection vehicle in blocked street: Automatic, collision-free turnaround maneuver from start to finish found by HeavyGoods

April 2022

HeavyGoods and DOLL start close cooperation

The transport planning platform and the traditional company DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH from Oppenau are working more closely together with immediate effect.

This means that every DOLL vehicle - regardless of whether it is a drop deck, semi, platform semitrailer or wind blade transport system - is delivered directly with a full version of HeavyGoods. The first 6 months are free of charge when ordering a new vehicle (offer valid for new HeavyGoods customers). The best thing about it: the data set for the new vehicle is already available in the digital fleet and can be used immediately for axle load calculations and towing curve simulations. Here, state-of-the-art vehicle technology and innovative apps combine to form a perfect symbiosis.

M. Erdrich (Head of Sales Doll) and S. Wagner (CEO HeavyGoods)

January 2022

The HeavyGoods highlights of the last year

HeavyGoods is constantly getting new features. Here is an overview of the most popular innovations from 2021:

  • Swept paths also on own aerial photos, orthophotos, official survey maps and PDF site plans - complementary to Google Maps and CAD files
  • Driving maneuvers according to guideline: Define the tractor's route yourself with just a few clicks - as a supplement to the intelligent target system that automatically finds its way to the destination
  • Integrated FGSV / RBSV design vehicles for checking the trafficability of traffic areas
  • Faster loading of your vehicle combination thanks the pre-filled cargo catalog with construction machines, yachts, containers, tower segments...
  • Check reports of the axle load calculation now show all axle distances and overhangs relevant for the new VEMAGS (VEMAGS = German Federal Online System for Heavy Transport Permits)
  • For our customers in waste management and road planning: vehicle catalog now also includes refuse collection vehicles is used worldwide (symbol image)

August 2021: Customer example bridge transport

HeavyGoods' swept path simulations have been field-proven for years. An example from the heavy transport sector comes from our Swiss customer "Toggenburger Unternehmungen", who used HeavyGoods to plan the transport of a of a 35 meter long steel bridge.

The aerial view (large image) shows how exactly the maneuver carried out in practice (top left in the picture) corresponds to the swept path simulation performed in HeavyGoods beforehand.

July 2021: Guideline simulations

With the new guideline function, you specify the route of the tractor precisely and immediately see the finished towing curve.

The vehicle can optionally be driven along the guideline with its front right or left corner or with the center of the first axle. You can also define the guidance point individually.

If desired, you can also use the intelligent automation, which allows the vehicle to find the destination itself - even without a guideline.

Mai 2021: HeavyGoods now in Dutch

Voor onze klanten uit Nederland en België is HeavyGoods nu ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands!

HeavyGoods now also speaks Dutch - already the fifth language after German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Welkom bij HeavyGoods!

Map: Transports planned with HeavyGoods worldwide (Excerpt 2021)

April 2021: Cargo catalog includes construction equipment

Whether bulldozer, crawler excavator, wheel loader, rotor blade or transformer - with the cargo catalog from HeavyGoods, transports can be planned quickly and easily.

In addition to other construction equipment such as dump trucks, rollers, rotary drilling rigs and construction cranes, many other cargos such as tower segments, sailing yachts, trams, construction wagons and tiny houses will be gradually integrated into the cargo catalog.

The loads can be added to the company's own inventory at the click of a mouse and then be adapted to the use case in terms of dimensions, weight, center of gravity and lashing points.

Your own transport can thus be planned in no time at all - whether with a catalog vehicle or an individually adapted vehicle.

Bring your cargo safely to its destination - with HeavyGoods!

January 2021: The best HeavyGoods innovations from 2020

In the year 2020, the platform has received many new software features. These are the favorites of our customers:

  • Upload images of cargos in top and side view or draw cargo outline completely free
  • Support for jeep dollies
  • Avoiding highways with automatic route planning
  • Completely new tool for professional load securing
  • For architects and planners: Export of swept paths to your own CAD software
  • Standard vehicle catalog with 10 important design vehicles according to the German FGSV
  • For vehicle manufacturers: Internal annotations for created vehicles and optimized steering simulations for §70 circular driving maneuvers.
  • Various tuning under the hood - for even better and faster simulation results

In 2021, the journey continues. Stay tuned!

December 2020: Thank you for your support!

Around the world, more and more large and small transport companies, transport escorts, architects and road planners keep joining the industry software

We are delighted that HeavyGoods has continued to establish itself internationally as a key industry platform in 2020 and thank all our supporters, first and foremost our great team, our families, customers and all other partners.

Thank you! Danke!

August 2020: Upload top view and side view of cargos

Upload top and side view drawings of your cargos for even more realistic simulations.

Whatever you are transporting - whether boats, transformers, trams, rotor blades, construction wagons, tiny houses or construction machinery such as excavators, caterpillars, dump trucks, rollers, rotary drills and construction cranes: With just a few clicks, you can deposit your own load in HeavyGoods - true to scale and, if desired, with top view and side view.

Then virtually place your load on the vehicle and receive a a video simulation from a bird's eye view. This way, shows you how your loaded vehicle drives onto your construction site or passes narrow spots in the public road space.

April 2020: The cargo lashing tool has landed!

Now easily check your cargo lashing with HeavyGoods.

HeavyGoods keeps growing: After introducing tools for calculating axle loads (HeavyLoad) and simulating swept paths (HeavySim) we added HeavyLash to our product suite. HeavyLash allows to properly secure cargos against slipping during acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration.

Of course you can easily adjust the capacities of the lashing equipment, lashing points as well as friction coefficients and blockings. HeavyGoods instantly checks the security and stability of the cargo and creates a professional print report which visually reflects the loading situation and applied lashings.

All calculations comply with the European Standard DIN EN 12195-1.

January 2020: Coloured measures and annotations

Add colored speech bubbles and dimension lines to your swept path. Whether you want to mark necessary expansion measures or measure critical passages: Our new tools create vivid trailing curves.

Of course you can share the tuned swept paths with authorities and customers as usual with a click - directly from the app.

November 2019: New functions for our customers

Your company logo in your print reports. At the request of many customers has received a lot of useful new features. Here is a small selection of them:

  • Personalize HeavyGoods print reports with your own company logo.
  • Simulate transports of tower segments.
  • Check with just two clicks how the dismantling of obstacles affects the driving maneuver.
  • Draw dimension lines in the map and save them.

The next exciting functions are already in development!

September 2019: Visit us at 'Internationale Schwerlasttage'

Experience the future with Live Demos. Fraunhofer innovations.

To experience live and in action come and visit our booth at 'Internationale Schwerlasttage' in Hohenroda, Germany, on September 13th and 14th 2019.

September 2019: Faster regulatory approvals thanks to HeavyGoods

Do you need regulatory approvals for abnormal load transports? No problem anymore. is the universal software solution for the entire transport planning. Simulate your transports and share the link to the video with your authority. Calculate axle loads and forward the automatically generated test report.

With you get handsomely visualized swept paths and clear results.

August 2019: Complete route planning with HeavySim

HeavySim is the 3D maneuver simulation from With the new feature, you can plan your entire transport route even faster. Simply specify the start and destination of your transport - thanks to the integrated Google location search, you directly get a route preview.

You can simply move the waypoints with the mouse to customize the route to your own requirements. Then you determine the critical points for which you need a trailing-curve simulation yourself. Your choice, whether on a CAD plan or on the Google aerial photo. Your choice, whether with self-entered vehicle combination or a verified vehicle record from cooperating manufacturers. You will receive a report and a video of the calculated driving maneuver, which you can safely share with customers and authorities at the touch of a button.

May 2019: HeavyLoad for everybody

HeavyLoad was developed in cooperation with industry partners and currently supports the following functions:

  • Immediate display of hydraulic pressures / air pressures, axle loads and fifth wheel loads
  • Automatic calculation of two optimal load positions: Maximum fifth wheel load or equally distributed axle loads
  • Simple to use: place loads by drag & drop, lift axles by clicking them, telescope vehicles by mouse
  • Adjustable fifth wheel load - axle load ratios for hydraulic goosenecks
  • Add as many additional weights as you like
  • Save and copy axle load analyses performed
  • Axle load pressure report at the push of a button

Enter each vehicle only once and then use it for axle load calculations and maneuver simulations with 3D collision checks - as often as you like.

April 2019 - - a digital solution for the transport planning process

At bauma (8th - 14th April 2019) it became clear how much interest the platform is attracting. The customer feedback was stunning:

Until today most of them used a piecework of CAD software, extra simulations, external scans and separate tools for calculating axle loads from and for each manufacturer individually. combines tools for all steps of planning heavy transports:

Fleet management, axle load analysis, maneuver simulation and, in the medium term, automatic calculation of load securing.

The visitors were impressed by the live presentations of The driving maneuvers and the axle loads are partly calculated in a matter of seconds and can be printed as a PDF report. "The simulation is exactly how we pass this road in real life" was a statement we heard quite often.

March 2019 - Calculate axle loads with HeavyGoods

At bauma we present our new axle load calculation HeavyLoad to the public.

With our new software HeavyLoad, continues to become a digital solution for the entire transport process planning for large and heavy load transports. Enter the data of your vehicles only once and then manage your fleet, simulate your transports, calculate axle loads and use the automatically generated test report for your customers and approval authorities - all on one platform.

HeavyLoad is manufacturer-independent. Receive verified data sets from the cooperating vehicle manufacturers or enter your vehicles yourself.

Visit us at the bauma in the outdoor area north at booth FN.823 at Goldhofer and experience the 3D maneuver simulation HeavySim and the axle load tool HeavyLoad in live operation.

February 2019 - Goldhofer relies on

Goldhofer Transport is convinced of the platform.

Goldhofer customers now benefit from the change from easyTrack to HeavySim - the intelligent maneuver simulation with Fraunhofer technology.

December 2018 - Major Product Update

We make wishes come true: now supports dollys, followers and SPMTs. Thus, simulations can now be calculated with a total of 9 vehicle combinations. This is how the intelligent 3D collision check of the Fraunhofer IVI unfolds its full power. An additional extra is the added support for follwer combinations with turntables and tower adapters.

November 2018 - simulates transport of christmas tree

How to transport a 22 metres long christmas tree to the world famous Striezelmarkt Dresden? No problem with Watch the time-lapse video of the transport!

October 2018 - Cargos Reloaded

Extraordinary cargos make special transports so special. The new cargo editor now allows to enter and simulate cargos with any outline. This makes the simulation even more realistic. We already provided a windmill blade as an example.

October 2018 - More languages available now already is available in four languages. You can choose from German, English, Spanish and Italian.

September 2018 - New vehicle types continuously evolves. Thanks to intelligent Fraunhofer TruckTrix technology even more vehicles can be simulated with HeavySim: Trucks with fifth-wheel coupling or trailer coupling, platform trailers, low loaders, lowbeds, module combinations with or without bridge, trailers and modular trailers.

September 2018 - Invitation to the IAA

Heading towards Industry 4.0 with Experience innovative software with intuitive usability. Simulate large-capacaity and abnormal load transports or construct new vehicles. works with proven Fraunhofer technology. This cooperation also manifests at the IAA with a combined booth.

We heartily invite you to the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, September 20-27 2018. Experience the future, in Hall 16, Booth E36. We look forward to you.

July 2018 - CAD support

From now on you can upload your own CAD drawings to HeavySim and create tractrix simulations on them. No CAD software knowledge needed.

June 2018 - Test HeavySim for free

You want to know whether HeavySim fits your needs? Benefit from the extended free phase until 31.08.2018: .

We prepared your account with example transports, vehicles and a quick start video so that you are ready to run your passability checks right from your office desk.

May 2018 - HeavySim available worldwide

Transport companies from all over the world can now use HeavySim for their heavy load transport simulations. The print view for simulations and tractrix curves completes the service.

Dezember 2017 - Felbermayr, KVS und Universal Transport

With Felbermayr and UTM Universal Transport we welcome two more renowned transport companies in addition to KAHL on the platform. Additionally a smaller, but in Dresden, Germany, well-known transport company named KVS joins the launching phase of This helps us to reach an important objective: Providing innovative tools for planning heavy goods transports for transport companies of any size.

November 2017 - Cooperation with Kahl

We welcome the international company for transport logistics KAHL Schwerlast GmbH as a launching customer of the platform.

November 2017 - Passability checks

Did you know? Our customers from the heavy goods transport industry order analyses in order to check for narrow spaces when planning new transport projects.

November 2017 - HeavyEngineer in operation

Two international well-known vehicle manufacturers already use our HeavyEngineer Software. HeavyEngineer simplifies the construction of new vehicles. Existing and new vehicles can be released to the platform so that transport companies can use them for planning and simulating transports.

October 2017 - Retrospect “Schwerlasttage”

We got lots of positive feedback for our live presentation of at the trade fair “Schwerlasttage 2017” in Hohenroda. The audience was excited by the pioneering developments of and innovations of the cooperating Fraunhofer research centre. Lots of interested transport entrepreneurs and vehicle manufacturers visited the’s stand to experience the software suite themselves.

February 2017 – Pilot operation started

First apps of are now being tested by end customers.

September 2016 – IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2016 presented its newest innovations at the international trade fair IAA Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover. From 09-22-2016 to 09-29-2016 the international audience joined presentations of the rich feature set of