HeavyLoad: The Axle Load Tool

... calculates axle loads and pressures in a breeze!

Intuitive handling

  • Place load conveniently by mouse - or have it placed automatically
  • Add as many additional weights as you like
  • Telescope vehicles by mouse
  • Lift axles by mouse click
  • Warning indicator for overload situations
  • Quick start with sample vehicles

Extensive functions

  • Immediate display of hydraulic pressures, air pressures, axle loads and fifth wheel loads
  • Printable axle load test report - a single mouse click is all it takes
  • Hydraulic goosenecks with adjustable fifth wheel - axle load ratios
  • Supports vehicles with flexible, hydraulic support circuits
  • HeavyLoad will find the optimal load position for you: For maximum fifth wheel load or evenly distributed axle loads
  • Save and copy performed axle load analyses

Cross manufacturer support

  • Cooperating manufacturers provide vehicles for HeavyLoad.
  • HeavyLoad is seamlessly integrated into the HeavyGoods.net platform.
  • One software for everything: axle load calculations, fleet management, driving maneuver simulations, test reports